Vim is not elitist: it likes you the way you are.

To the complexed vim users, don't be.

I was. A long long time ago :)

I am a true believer of vi(m) since I had to do sysadmin task on freeBSD that did not have my usual emacs in a panic moment on a production server.

Prior to this BSD experience I new just 10 tricks on vi. These tricks were still working!

Vi (and I so love vim because I am not truly a true believer) saved my life.

It works right for so long. In a kind of conservatism I respect.

The only one. The one that makes you stand on firm grounds. Like most of the times unix, SQL, HTTP, TCP ...

Yes conservatism saved my life so many times that I am now a conservatist.

And instead of mastering the art of vi weired beautiful features (I so wish I knew), I learnt to learn.

I learnt to learn in all technologies the 10 tricks to save my life and master them.

So, since the day vi saved me, I still hardly know more than 10 commands. But, I cherish them. And I cherish the way vi loves me: the way I am. I am a lazy ungifted user of text editors that don't want to become an expert in a tool when he has a job to do.

Thanks -beautifully hard to handle bastard of- vi to exist the way you are!
You saved me, more than once, and I owe you.  

For vi users that would be complexed to have become experts I would tell you not too. I looove like every vi user to be told of new tricks I ignored.

Vi is elegant, vi is non discriminative. It suits all kind of intellectual thinking.

At the condition you accept to learn 7 tricks. (escape mode, insert, wq, undo, search, dd, p) :) You are free to stack your 3 favorites in your own brain and maybe more....