Manifeste contre la bouffe saine, la nourriture santé

Est il plus sain de manger un hamburger sain sans gluten, qu'une collation saine avec gluten?

Comment déterminer si la différence santé vaut vraiment le bénéfice au vu des coûts?
L’enchérissement du coût des produits entraînant l'appauvrissement des consommateurs captifs (dans un monde dystopique tous les produits sont sans gluten)... ne résulte-t'il pas en la dégradation systématique pour une sous catégorie de la capacité à se nourrir à sa faim?

Est il raisonnable qu'une minorité puisse potentiellement altérer les conditions de vie d'une autre minorité sans son consentement? Est il acceptable de vulnérabiliser encore plus les plus vulnérables au profit d'une minorité sans légitimité scientifique sur ses allégations?

Je vote contre toute forme de label santé sans preuves scientifiques du bénéfice santé tout autant pour l'individu que la collectivité dans l'hypothèse pire où la pratique est adoptée pour tous.

Je regarde d'un oeil plus favorable ce qui diminue les coûts en augmentant la qualité plus que ce qui augmente les coûts tout n'apportant aucun bénéfice avéré.

Je trouve normal de sacrifier le confort de millions de crétins qui ont trop d'argent au profit du bien être d'un unique clochard.

Toi, le hobo du coin de la rue, je pense à toi. Et toi qui casses les couilles sur les réseaux sociaux avec tes théories pseudo scientifiques pour vendre ta came à des indigents intellectuels que tu transformes en prêtres lobotomisés d'une techno religion. Je te regarde aussi, et je te préviens que je t'aime pas. 

Toi le 99.99% de crétin qui fait passer la came sans esprit critique, tu es un epsilon borné sans volition dans mon grand schéma de la conquête du monde.

Note pour moi même: dans le prochain plan de conquête du monde ne pas s'aliéner les masses dès le manifeste en les méprisant obstensiblement quand le plan passe par la conquête des masses pour la propagation de l'information).

various questions I woke up with

How can teachers in France claim to be the heroes of social equality when their kids trusts the best place in the best schools?

How can no one recognize "cavallerie financière" which is the act of chaining contracting a debt to pay a debt in our modern economy?

How is it possible the north america does not catch the interest of metric system as a way to ease the trading and also making it more competitive? (it is easier to compare square meter to square meters)

How is it possible that every time I arrive faster than a car at a meet point while leaving at the same time they always say it is luck?

How can more than 50% of the population be called a minority? And when this minority have a favorable skew in the population (life expectancy, patrimonial, power) how can't they make their voice heard? Wouldn't it be logical to assert some women are fighting against feminism, and that feminists should rather try to understand and convince women that are against it? Would it be possible there is a power hidden in being weak?

How can we be against the teaching of homeopathy in university with the claim it is a science, while we already accept economical science and psychology?

Are people so ignorant of definition that they cannot recognize the difference between democracy and republic? How can someone call something democracy when representatives of the states are never as tanned, as poor, as feminine, as young, as sick or handicapped, as diverse than the rest of the population?  How can't people think votes without a control of the votes of the representative is nothing else than a scam? How can people think I could be tied by guilt or responsibility with any decisions made in such a way? How is it they think they are tied to respect a society that makes them hate mondays?

How do we let computer scientists claim to be scientists when they seems to not catch what time, commutativity, exactitude (vs precision), transactions are?

How is it that experts seems to be always of great superficial knowledge but seem to always miss the basics?

How is it possible that no one sees IPv6 deployment might explode the tech bubble by creating a movement of integration/fusion/aquisation/bankrupcy due to the horrible Kpex and Opex of IPv6?

How is it possible don't see IPv6 is a bad idea (bloatware)? We already hardly handle resources for a network with limited greed for resources (routing table/cache are possible in memory) and we have trouble finding good sysadmins/net devs, how a greedier network will be able without either a massive obsolescence of sysadmins/devs (a big disruption) or given the lack of actual knowledge a depletion in dev/admin available (hence an inflation of the costs). Is it possible that there will be a move to monetize the last IPv4?  It stinks of a transition with a nice sigmoid.

How can people call themselves free when they never tasted the taste of freedom and seem to ignore the noise of the chains on their feet?

How can people bug me with coding style when the code I read is clearly thought as another language. It is like seeing neatly K&R indented C++ code written like fortran with i,j,k declared as global variables. How can I hate Java/PHP spirited code written in python so much?

Why am I asking myself so many questions?

How is possible that companies require diploma for jobs in which it is not proven to have more effects than giving field experience to any given random person? (hint in development diplomas are not proven to be more effective than 2 years worth of experience of coding in a company).
Why do company pay to much money? Are these entities maximizing benefits or social status? With a gap in wages of 27% for diverse cases (genders, handicaps, diversity...) and no proven loss in productivity which process makes it no company does make the logical economical move to spend less money? What is the barrier? Have everybody forgotten that when computer science was paying cheaply it used to be in majority feminine and thus that by proof of precedence IT have no women aversion?

How can modern startup prefer to hire 24 yo engineers than experienced one? Is it because they are making claims that no serious developers would back up? 

How can we build bike path that when full proves to be more dangerous than doing nothing? How can people think when I go 50 km/h on a street with circulation I have a death wish of going full speed in the blind spot of a multi ton vehicle? (Ok, I sometimes do it when the spanning tree of futures commends it and the alternative is losing to much of my precious speed, my precious (my precious (no, I am neither crazy nor a LISP lover))). 

Why is this world illogical? Why does it seems people are seeing very well the details faraway but tend to miss the obvious facts right under their noses?

EDIT: I forgot; how can security experts recommends putty when downloading it and executing it is violating so many common sense security rules? How can people respect any one using putty?