Wasted years

2080 1st January

Time for a medical visit.

In 2049 the great revolution came, it was called the what the fuck revolution.

Imagine billions of persons pissed at the way the worl is unfair but unable to come to a consensus other than let's over throw these nations, and then agree to disagree.

So as the revolution came from Internet and people were not too likely to riot in the streets something horrible appeared: the great Net Split.

It may seems a bad news, but it was in fact a good news. People learned to value information. Some gateways existed provided by flying carrier, old landline modems that were reactivated... You cannot imagine the inventivity of idiotic people.

OS where however drifting, different updates being applied in different nets... It was as if to avoid any consensus Nations where purposefully building a Babel tower.

And people realized a radical change should be enforced with a small heavily packed piece of information: a single sentence.

A nation should not own our ass, we should be free to choose our government according to our beliefs.

And so in a lot of confusion an idiotic motto made the biggest confusing revolution in the world: people actually decided that systems of government should be like a religion. There are conditions to meet and accept to enter any of them. People can change, and all Nations share the same unique territory with an arbitration of the other government.

Basically, at the age of around 18, you could ask in any country of the world to change your nationality. Then you would have a «national service», and then you could live like a free citizen. You could choose a royalist nation, a socialist, an anarchist or a liberal one. Each one applying his own rules and taxes on the same territory.

So what his the nation I chose?

The harmonic house of glass.

A nation based on the idea that the only stuff that his precious is our time of happiness in good health on earth. That a nation should treasure what is precious.

So basically it is a nation based on an extensive health and social insurance.

We are harmonic because if ever you have an expected lifetime of 100 years or 10 years left then national service duration is a part of your lifetime so that anyone can enjoy their lives and be part of the system.

An house of glass, because the only way to entrust your personal data is either to hide them deep, or show them to the face of the world.

In exchange for our belonging to the nation HHG requires that every citizens always answer truly to any verifiable questions.

Thanks to this, our citizens are rented at very high prices in other states, as public servant.

So today, I will have my revised medical visit to re-evaluate my national service length in regard to the new addiction I caught working as an accountant for a recreational drug based nation. And I will evaluate the cost benefit of keeping it or not with my physicist.

I would have the time, I would gladly write about all the absurdities of such a political system, and why my doctor strongly encouraged keeping on the hallucination to keep my mental health.

At first this revolution looked promisiing, but