Thanks NSA, Thanks Mr Snowden

So, our cryptography, and the future is doomed if we don't all use strong crypto. Hail to the new king : HTTP2.0

Well, what about no?

What about thinking the race for arms is lost, and wouldn't it be a good thing?

What are we using cryptography for?
Transmitting secrecy? Not Very often.
Improving the world for the better? Not very much.
Maybe for sharing; our life like as a perpetual advertisement on any social network new site...

Well in fact, we need cryptography since porn. Porn is the root of all evil; they were the innovator, the pionneer of something that big corpo missed at the this time; e-business. We need cryptography for business transactions since porn made of the internet the first place for trading.

Since then, whereas internet was not strongly protected, internet was for sharing information. Knowledge. It was built by scientist in order to publish and transfer more easily their work.

At this time we hardly needed cryptography (Okay, I myself hereby recognize I am a little excessive).

What has porn, therefore e-business; brought us on the internet? The diversion of precious resources known as creative brains not to the elaboration of any good, service or technology to improve the future, but people working for mostly advertisement and entertainment industry.

To be honest you will always be fucked if you believe in a strong cryptography based on tools : any crypto's first weakness are human beings either by corruption or worst incompetency.

The attack based on government based certificate assets my first claim, but worst any cryptographic system relies on a chain of trust. And for the most to the less elaborate system I have experienced human hardly follow correctly the identification's procedures. And how much people who are not who they claim they are does it takes to distrust a system claiming everyone is what he/she/it tells he is?

For instance how much does the root ssl certificate worths when in your line of job you actually saw sub domain certificates emitted without the proper adress/identity checked ? One, only one.

How much PGP keys do you distrust when a self claimed crypto hacker at a key signing party would brag about the PGP key signed for his own cat. The worst was not is stupidity, but the fact that other people I knew as respected 'hackers' wouldn't see the problem in a fake ID. One fake key is one to much. Bitcoin will fail because of this.

Every cryptographic system fails always in a sadly, stupid way. No high level skills required.

So, you think I am wrong. Maybe it is true. But this feeling you have is partly a belief. You believe that their is a possible way of never be betrayed, or worse you believe in absolute competency.

Sorry human beings always tend to fail in both good and evil.

Fiduceo is the latin for "I believe". It is what my country call bills : "fiducial money". A piece of paper in which I blindly believe. This is the same as the cryptography. You need to believe it works because e-business is way convenient.

Bye bye hours waiting for doing administrative stupid tasks.
Bye bye going to the next major city for buying the latest hip clothes.
All new media available now.

I mean, e-business is cool. And you can't have it without crypto. And it will always fail.

The question is if all our economy is based on the net, and we have no backup plans in case we cannot trust anymore transactions, what happens?

I don't exactly say e-business is bad, I just say a single channel for economy makes our whole society more vulnerable to a single point of failure in terms of economical exchange.

So we could escalate. But, how much resources of humanity are we actually diverting for the only sake of financial transactions and advertisement?

I wouldn't mind less company on internet even if it means I won't be paid as much.

I would enjoy if internet would be used for the greater good, and not the greedy goods.

If we could make people really happier. By using internet for what it is: a good way of sharing.

However, at the opposite of Gutenberg's press, internet will not improve knowledge. Books printed at Gutenberg's time are still readable. I strongly doubt in internet durability.

First it is becoming a high nose/signal  ratio support, then at mostly it requires a huge cost of ownership every months. If you had to put a battery in a book made in the sixty's every year ;do you think you would still earn it?

The problem of internet are businesses; they produce noise. And they make you pay for it. It is 60% of your bandwidth. You pay google which don't pear with ISP.
You pay facebook, you pay them all.

It is even less free then what you think.

Anyway. If you start looking at what internet is without fantasy, and stop believing in cryptography/security/whatever, then internet could be used at a less expensive cost, more accessible with more signal.

What about helping people exchange information that can save life? For instance that any home page coutains not advertisement but at least the first help indications and a way to contact freely any emergency services?

That could save fucking more life than an advertisement or a free video phone call. Save the bandwidth for the essential : helping others, not for the accidental : convenience and fun. (look who is talking, really). 

So, that is my point. I hope you will understand internet would be better without you.  I wish internet was a public service. I wish trading/secrecy was banned making piracy and spying totally useless so that we could focus on making the world a better place to live ... like Montréal during a snow storm ;) .