Privacy sux

To make it fast : I don't fear neither Gods nor the Government when I wank under the shower because I don't care about you, and a good government should think so too.

I love punchy introduction to refer to the History of privacy or it absence in this case.

Theology being a target very fast at redefining itself in order to dodge any serious argument, I will take a tad excessive but not that much definition of privacy according to most religions inspired by the greeks, latins ...

God Sees All. Hence, since you want a reward, behave well, and as he sees you everywhere, he will be intimate with your suffering and decide on judgement day if you deserve to be called Just ! (Alleluiah, Mazeltov, Inch'alla)

Basically religion is an indestructible drone GodPro(tm) following you silently (creepily?) all your life and powered by the clouds to crunch all these data.
You have also the nerdy guy geek services that help you tune your invisible drone you can't see but they do.... sometimes also acts as a signaling network.

So ... religious people accept to have no privacy. Hence the obvious mind hack on religious people is leveraging the belief in that permanent eye, and blackmail them based on this memory that should be there (boys will be boys, and girlz like their boys who would be girls like their girls...). It is called : GUILT.

Amazing weapon.

A guy wrote a book about how to make a dystopian government including breeding citizens like a race of crows, manipulating, censoring them and how PRIVACY WAS EVILLLLLL !!!

You may not know this psychopath his name was Plato the book is The Republic.

Every time I am told I live in Republic, I wake up screaming thinking of this book.

He inspired a tad the catholic church by the way.

Well, go to wikipedia and read the Gyges Ring. No link, I am too lazy to put a tracker unpaid by a don't do evil company while I live in poverty.

So read the story about a guy who found a messenger of the King dead with a super super ultimate power : THE RING THAT TURNS YOU .... INVISIBLE

Nop, not this book. This is not The lord of the Ring (Book I love to dignify with a hammer). Nop, I talk serious shit, the Republic.

So I am invisible, what do you think a philosoph that inspired all our glorious citizen friendly regim thinks I would do ?
  1. first of all, even if I am no theist, I will NOT steal the stuff from a dead ;
  2. death stinks, and I do not steal dead people without a good reason (archeologist inside)
Plato thinks I will commit murder, wank (well....), rape, wank (srsly? again?), steal (still without any good reasons), spy on my neighbours, wank (no!), fuck the queen, become the tyran, fuck the queen and die atrociously.

Well, Plato invented the concept of quick escalation.

The thesis of the story is morality only comes if someone watches you. Hence, since everybody is bad (a wild axiom appeared) you must WATCH EVERYONE.


Hum, I have something of a virtual exhibitionist so let me tell you what would happen if I had the ring.

  1. I would definitively steal 50000€ from 500 richs who deserves it
  2. invest some money in making a sect believing such a ring existed for the purpose of being used this way
  3. steal 50000€ more, buy popcorn, a small house with a garden, pass the ring in the sect and watch the world burn for the fun of it
You see, I would not murder and rape. Not even wank ; I am happy on all of the other topics.

And I think using a super ultra cheated  magical item to make a prank of epic proportion is really the stuff I dream of in secret.

So, you see, I like a lot of others are not the perverts you imagine.

But then came a solid contender in the class of the foxy politician, the kind that gives you contradictory feelings. Pierre Eliott Trudeau.

This guy was a fox, nice and dangerous.

But he came with a wonderful concept of what privacy should be : where the law should not be ....

Hence, he pruned the legal system of all moral laws while keeping it the same.

This guy was a magician.

He also have a very nice interview about where the state surveillance should stop and begin in the middle of the incident of the FLQ (with which one of marvel character is accompliced and THE FIRST GAY hero of Marvel licence EVER and he is from QUÉBEC). Proud frog of Montréal, Kalisse.

These 2 topics are related, but I have time only for what this brilliant man shifted in the logic of privacy : privacy is where law should not be.

Your bedroom is it private ?

Yes.... As long as you do nothing illegal. A 4 somes with dwarves ? It is legal, so it is private. Is it still private if you are a militant for the cause of the physical eradication of those having threesomes with dwarves ? ......

Privacy is made of what legal proof used to be ; a balance between what a place is expected to be, the limits of the responsibility each one have, the risks.
Everything you do in your house is probably expected to be private with a strong default to keep it the most private possible, you remove all possible crime that should not be of concern for the government inside the house (sexuality, games, discussion, excess, TV, chilling, (small) BBQ (on the terrasse). Except those of respect for your neighbors (trash, noise, smell...)

This way, population accepts your surveillance, you can deploy more policemen where it matters. Where crime is suspected without moral prejudice (if rate of fire in a place is 5x the median, there may be a crime going on).

It means a lot of registering information, but way less noise. Stuff that will be used as legal proofs.

That's the point with responsibility ; it comes with the possibility of being based on the result of your actions. For this records are required.

And so you can trust the recording system (justice) you need the system to liable and transparent.

To realm where privacy does disappear is those of the judgement.

And to be judge, you should rather accept to be judged the same way.

So only a transparent government (only where he agreed it was not private) can be a government of surveillance.

There is no privacy in telling that the content of can of thuna is another fish.

That is the public space of the contracts.

So privacy sux, because Information Technologies, Software & Hardware industries are on the public space with a ring of invisibility and they may be evil.

You see virtually all license soft/hard ... they came AS IS. Companies like Google Facebook Amazon Uber have no liabilities.

A man drives a car and kills you ? In jail.
A self driving car does the same ? Hey, read the fucking contract, it was written : the product may kill you, but it is not our problem, lololololol

These companies are paid with money that includes contract. They make us pay indirectly .... through other contracts. Often by reselling our datas, that they may loose.

For me contracts that involves me even indirectly are in my "public sphere". If I have no privacy for you, and you can lose it, I want to be taken at the table of negotiation for the next contract. I want to have a regard on what you have, where, who are your customers.

Privacy sux because it is a fantasy. All the more a fantasy that it cannot be achieved by an industry refusing to be liable. Do not entrust secrets, to companies that are not liable, hence any true secrets should never be anywhere close the Internet and computers until they are liable and transparent about anything public.

That is the definition of where the public space is : you leave privacy when you need to earn public trust.

Weirdly enough Internet becoming the biggest smoke screen of a zillion spin doctors, I don't feel confident in even the capacity of the IT to sincerely adhere to transparency and liability.

I still don't know what privacy is, at least I know where it will never be found.

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