Brave HN-ew world


I am a troll, and I feel wrongly attacked and pained by new HN's guideline.

First to get your attention I can help solve this mystery: «why do people trolls? What is in the brain of these (sick?) persons?»

Well; nothing. It is purely gratuitous.

It is very often a strike of bad luck.

First you have to be partially extrovert, and a little dense to actual people. Then you have to be in a bad mood, or inspired, or worse listening to an old argument that lead to a big stupidity.

You know like: let's have a problem that actually boils down to a KSAT problem that is already taking minutes that is a famous NP complex stuff and pretend we can make that scale, and become a viable product...

But, you know dependency hell/devops fortune is a K-SAT problem.

Well, now that the mystery is resolved; trolls are pure random events (at least for me).

Let's first show Aldous Huxley predicted that moment.

My favourite SF book of all time (when I was 12) Brave New world(!)

The story of an asocial guy that lives in an hedonist societies of clones conforming to the standards of «likes» and refusing to hear how they maybe wrong.

The poor guy becomes an emo at the end listening to 3 days grace soundtrack...

I am doubly pained, because in fact, I am also a fan of three days grace. I nearly got killed at the concert though... when he marched doing is weired gestures seriously I was ostensibly making fun.

These emo fans are so violents....

But you know, at the opposite of Hacker News, I don't think emo bands will get ternish by my absolute uncanny trollesque humour.

And they still did not posted an anti troll guideline for concert. You know, I am really relieved, because, shit, I am stupid fan. And I both love them, and love making fun of them (when they deserve it).

Did people tried or beat me in real life.

Well ... Especially in metal bar. I am metal fan, but sometimes they take it too seriously so I make fun, and they love to look scary, and it is even funnier, so I may have gotten into troubles.

But 3 days grace does not care, it is a random events out of millions others that can affect their life.

You know, you can see them as entrepreneurs too. And me as a troll for their business. I am degrading the life of their community and do not «avoid gratuitous negativity» towards this thick skin creator...

I may be wrong but I am butterfly to the true entrepreneurs: if my wings affects their business is either that their business is weak or the bad luck of chaotic system or their personalities are weak.

I will accept, that 3 days grace could have been hurt a lot when they were young emotionnal. They maybe canadians, but if they were bulllied gothics, it made them have very nice lyrics about this. Yes I might have been may be a bullier.  And you want your startup to be free of them.

You may not want your startup to be faced early to the fact that there are gratuitous negative people, but this will happen.

Okay, I may see the point you may not want your startups to become emo based business.

But trolls are random events. Believe it or not, it often is for the truth a combination of misunderstanding (most of the time that I am right), poor words, and bad mood. And maybe a bad nature, I mean, I really have hard time not laughing sometimes reading HN).

A troll has a use, it is a noise that your startup will have to face. Sooner or later... You maybe not want to discover a poor 1¢ random event destroyed your 1M$ toy before you get your investments back.

And, to conclude, under this troll, there is a human, with a soul...

In fact, I prefer to conclude about Brave New World/1984 synopsis:

I don't know why in dystopia the hero as a suicidal tendency to be a troll.

And the society has a tendency to hate trolls.

And society wins way more often then heros that are trolls.

But I will stand as a proud troll! I shall win!

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