Yes, conspiracies exist thanks to experts

I do hate conspiracy theories, and as much the persons blindly denying them.

Conspiracies are a fact.

#Dieselgate is a blatant example of automakers conspiring to cheat on the pollution figures. You also have the #Libor scandal, or the #mafia having a hold on mozarella di buffalone provisioning, #cartel of price on construction works..

I would say the biggest conspiracy theory is the Capital from Karl Max : it states all wealthy people are making sure to make the maximum benefits using their money to influence those in power whatever their true merits are. I cannot scientifically believe that a CEO worth 1000 times more than a blue collar ; all scientific studies on the topic of how much a boss impact the benefits of a company is "pretty much positive ~3% (at most) unless he or she is an heir of the family of the founder".

I think it is a pretty acurate analysis of the modern world : randomness seems to do better than all crappy theory of determinism based on birth.

Of course, because I am a complex person, I believe most conspiracy theories are plain crap.

I am a pro vaccine, because I know how to make them, take a microscope and actually prove they work.

Most anti-accepted theories are often right a tad, and often wrong. Not because they are stupid, but because the world is stupid.

One of my favourite example is diets. Every 10 years diets do and don't contradict each others. It was said milk was good, now it is bad ? Sugar was good now, it is still good, even though it is clearly bad. What is the common point between theories that are rejected ? They come from authority. Having been a scientist myself, I know how hard it is to be sure of something. But some authorities come and tell you what to think without giving you the means to check by yourself easily (GIEC on global warming is for me a dazzling example of something that can be proven with simple facts experts are unable to say clearly, GIEC is a bunch of assholes ruining a right cause by using poor arguments).

So what are conspiracies ? For instance : vaccines are good, you should take them (and I agrees), or free trade is good, you should accept it (and I disagree). The huge difference between those two assertions is I can check one (vaccine) by using simple science, while the other one contradicts my knowledge and factual observations. Conspiracies are at my opinion a defiance towards authorities.

NO AUTHORITIES trust you to be smart enough to understand and none of them tell you HOW TO CHECK. To be honest it is a long and tedious process. But not something impossible to anyone with a little motivation. Conspiracy theories are but a symptom of a legitimate defiance towards experts.

Conspiracies exist. Most of them that are publicized do not. Most intellectual are right most of the time debunking them over the time. But they are 100% wrong appealing to their authority to try to force their message to a population that is growingly more educated. Self proclaimed experts are wrong 100% of the time pretending authority of expertise suffice to assert a point of view.

A point of view has to be argued better in front of the population than in front of a community of experts. Facts that can be checked MUST be brought to light. Modern citizens are not kids, they are a tad of experts themselves and should not be treated in a condescending way. They should be treated like peers. Else, conspiracy theories will grow.

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