Never give your reference until law is fixed

This story happened to me, more than once.

"Hey, jul you know Biip from society Biiiip ?
they just called me to trying to sell me some stuffs on your behalf"

And who were these commercial as sticky as Yehova's witness ?

The HR specialist from famous HR cabinet. Who just extorted the sesame of my candidature for a prestigious company: my "references"

HR who on the other side never gave me any news neither of advancement or rejections concerning the advancement of my resume in their process afterwards.

Then I understood, some commercials are assholes.

They take advantage of vulnerable and gullible jobless employees to extract them data by social engineering.

If you are a HR consultant then you deal resumes, and preferably the one with whom you have a long term relationship.

Hence, it is totally ok to deceive thousands of jobless developers in giving the position and coordinate of manager having the signature to fire you, since they also have the signature to hire their own portfolio.

So some commercial are assholes, should we burn the other one ?

Yes, since nothing in the law prevent these behaviours that are parasitic, unethical and closing doors for the candidate to their former colleagues that are now spammed by thse fucking commercials.

Since nothing can prevent this cancer, even if there are still a lot of sane HR cabinet asking for references, the best way to prevent the cancer from developing is to starve it until law can help sue them.

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