Frameworks are tools for monkeys not needed by fishes


Frameworks are scuba gears made for monkeys that love to climb the height of complication.
Some other kind of developers are like fishes that feel naturally at ease with swimming in the water of the problem at hand, without requiring frameworks.
Coders who can and prefer to swim and are infuriated at the absurdity of being a fish trapped in a scuba gear.
Prelude: I kind of refer to this quote mis-attributed to Einstein.

Once upon a time


People did write their code by reinventing the wheel and it was crap.

So people decides to mutualize their code and it was good.

When it was small pieces of code it was called library, when it was bigger it was called frameworks.

To be an honest liar nothing distinguishes a library from a framework except the name given to it.

Stuff like openSSL were called library by the idiots, but a crypto framework by others (that may have written libressl). OpenSSH use to rely on it for everything except opening ssl tunnel which was the use the monkeys were seeing it could do.

Industry/fashion soon decided that the difference between framework and libraries were the size and the «genericity of the bousin». Bousin is a norman word that is totally legit in en_UK.

Of monkeys and fishes

I strictly don't understand why but when the wise points the moon, the monkey look at the concept of the moon when the wise just point at the moon.

You see frameworks don't exist. And when people see them, they think they are complicated stuff. Don't blame them, they have been studying and passing exams.

Most educated yet idiots think a complex idea must be complicated.

So they want to prove better than others and climb the mountain of the problem as a monkey and be the king of the hill. Showing off basically.

If coders where musicians it would be the difference between the stupid one playing simple pentatonic because it is easy to learn and master and the other one making a religion of it.

What makes music sound great is not your virtuosity (playing like Steve Vai, Ingwie Malmsteem, Satriano) it is your musicality (BB king).

It is not how much complex concepts and how much notes per seconds you can play, it is music.

Virtuous coders/musicians are like monkey, they love heights. They don't understand music, but like nerds they want to prove they can handle complicated things.

Complex is a lot of simple things put up together making a stuff. Complicated is the same thing but with the idea some powder of it works by magic making the result immutable. Complication vs complexity is in the eye of the one watching.

A monkey will see the framework as a tree that makes you reach new height. The monkey will tell you : you don't have to understand just put yourself on the giant's shoulders. The fish is different : he swims in the turbid waters.

So monkeys love frameworks as ladders bringing him to new heights that have never been reached before, thinking you can grow trees on trees to make a way to reach higher height, thus the moon.

But sometimes, your problem are not higher. They are just about getting to the food for less effort in turbid water. Getting the job done.

Making a SPA (Single Page Application) is not about using react, angular, or WTF. It is about making a web page able to load states that are stored in a database (be it a filesystem, a RDBMS, a noSQL shit, or memory) and then make the HTML page reflect this state and give you way to change the state of the application inside a Finiste State Machine through calls.

The fish just remember that a ssh connection might do the job better, but his project manager want it to be a nice HTML web page, so he does whatever he is asked, because the one who pays is always right.

The monkey have read there is a framework for doing it, so he does not care. He tries to put all his use case inside the constraint of the holy framework. He knows the manager reads some papers so he does not question authority.

There is a difference between accepting your managers are stupid and embracing the stupidity of your management in order to keep your job.

The monkey climb the Everest of the stupidity to please management. The fish just try to do the job and eventually use frameworks.

But for a fish frameworks are no trees, they are just scuba gears: they let monkeys evolve in the turbid waters of programming. We all are blind in these waters.

Every frameworks are like an additional part of a scuba gear that makes you less agile as a fish, more encumbered with rigidity.

Does rigidity makes you agile when you already know the ways?

Not really. But you are judged by monkeys fearing water and wanting to be dry as a loveless cunt while diving. 

Computers are ugly, they are limited by ... science. e = mc² is everywhere.

Even the number of cycles required to access information is limited by the speed of light.

Monkey coders think that the limit of science will/are being broken by giants on which shoulders they stand. They name their giants with name like CAP, ACID, distributed/graphs database machine learning and they think that once they know the name of a problem the problem have been solved by pushing more frameworks to the problem.

The fish is stupid.

He just sees framework as constraints, scuba gears and think there must be way, but that putting a fish in scuba gear will not make him solve the problem and that monkeys are really not the most able animals for the job.

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excellent post.
reminded me the
--What the actual fuck is this? I read this as "in order to do a hello world, you must first create a hello world service to create the hello world factory to create the hello world service so you can print hello world on the screen."--