linux fatigue

Bored of trying to make fans works so that my CPU don't burn like it once did after I upgraded ubuntu.

Bored of trying to convince RH supports that their forks are not vanilla package with their messy patch levels without the security ports from upstream are a lie (they work for NSA/GCHQ or what?)

Bored of having to deal with SSH blunders because a packager thought he was a dev.

Bored to repackage python from sources to have a decent python package.

Bored of using virtualenv because the packager think Ksat problems are polynomial problem but makes you ends up with rottenly old packages, while I can pinpoint my packages to the version I want.

Bored of python/perl/latex broken packages "so that it can fit on embedded systems" when minimal base is what? 400MB?

Bored of not being able to have a simple way to choose the options I want for my packages (like pragma, which library) and poor default choices.

Bored of unsecured default cumbersome config for servers that are unsecure and poorly designed (apache cgi-bin was a PITA).

Bored of useless features (GNUeries) like bash as default that augments the surface of vulnerability.

Bored of the whatthousands way of configuring IP.

Bored of 300 ASM likes lines of iptables based on GOTO kind of thinking when pf does it in 30 lines.

Bored of "cloud" containers that don't really do the jobs" when jails are fine.

Bored of caring about security much more than I would like.

Bored of configuring my windows manager every new releases and to lose my configuration or where my close button side is on for no benefits.

Bored of upstart/systemd just because devs don't know how to handle SIGHUP SIGINT ... and need clutch to not learn the bases.

Bored of having no people trying to describe seriously what they are doing and making no efforts in documentation and engineering docs.

Bored of people replacing technical arguments with the potential coolness of a feature, while throwing RTFM at newcomers.

Bored of people not understanding how computers works, and not wishing too.

Bored of the linux based cloud solutions that are as stable as a chaotic system.
Bored of not being able to write my drivers anymore in C, or having a C compiler that works and that no one cares about it.

Bored of the messy C code in the linux kernel that is unreadable.

Bored of having to change distributions because distributions wants to force feed me features or windows manager or because my HW does not work anymore.

Bored of learning again and again where is the fucking config, how to do this simple network configuration, what is the name of the fucking pakcage where did they put it, in which repo how to get a fucking vanilla upstream up to date version of the lib/software...

Bored of openSSL.

Bored of how much people confusing installing a distro with being an expert at something.

Bored of not being able to do my packages anymore because tools & logics are too complex.

Bored of not being able to audit anything.

Bored of the community above all.

Relieved  to have something saner with a BSD. Maybe I will be bored again.

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