Terrorism is there to hide the true threat

Terrorism has a fishy history in  France

French propaganda during WWII collaboration
Let's say a young neglected ginger teen fishy smell

The treatment of what would be called heroes during WWII in France

When you see most of the persons that were actually powerful before, during WWII were still in power after the liberation, some do wonder if the France of the elite actually should not have been condemned with the nazis.

Terrorism has been used in France as an excuse to screen and archive every one's particularities (religion, opinions, ethnicity....) and then officially condemn them. Or deport them to death camps.

They turned the word terror as an excuse to protect the citizens and then take on the most vulnerable ones. All of this in the name of the higher reason of security...

Before terrorist it was named the agent of the enemy like ... the captain Dreyfus.

Nothing changes in french history, people using the words terrorism or the hidden enemies have a tendency to attack themselves the one they pretend to defend.

Let's be real ; the money of terrorism make Euro powerful.

For money laundering you have 3 options: USA based, Europe based, UK based.

And that's one reason Google, Amazon, Facebook ... don't pay taxes in Europe. Because we have custom made international rules to permit fiscal evasion and money laundering. The GAFA just used this circuits, hence that is the reason why they won't pay taxes.

But guess what, Mr Durand who is a hardcore human-and-weapon-and drug trafficking beast wants to enjoy his week ends with his 2 years old daughter. He share his stories about his kid with me.

Mr Durand wants his money locally. He cannot use the money too obviously, he just gets lucky in deals.

A company in Monaco, Delaware, or the Caïman may propose him a good lease for a car, or nice opportunity in real estates.

Yes, money of crime finally drop down in the real world. The trickle down reality of blood money.

It is invested in stuff in which you pay 3 times.

  • Art: a market that is artificially being kept afloat through national collections and sponsoring;
  • Stock options: which market is artificially high thanks to the free money the tax payers;
Real Estate is the worse: you pay the rent, fund the urban planning of government and fund the access to the property and pay it as a part of the costs of having retail surface distinct from living places.

Money laundering makes our economies turn into valuation of rents, like during victorian era, early or mid XXth.

It amplifies a winner takes all effects. And of course, losers don't like it. Because the only justification for this hierarchy is an arbitrary divide based on randomness of fortune most of it being inherited.

Let me tell you, take the best singers their offspring are often overvalued (except Kid Rock) compared to random singers. And worst comes at 3rd generation.

A society of feudalism maybe totally suiting my hardcore RPG background. However the point of fantasies is that it is not as a reality. Feudality is a dream in the it's good to be bad register, having fun and lashing out for the duration of a game.

I don't want to leave in a society left to pedantic whom power was only granted by the luck of birth.

It makes boring societies where you feel smart too easily but can't achieve anything. A tedious boring easy game you lose because of shitty controls and you need cheat codes to win. Like seriously? No gamers in their right mind want such a dystopian world.

The true threat is tax evasion and the fact a society based on inheritance makes us go back to the state of our societies before wars.

And that these societies have been calling terrorists anyone but the terrorists they were dealing with to have their fat earnings.

Basically with fiscal evasion we create a vicious circle where crime pays. And the more criminal you are, the more it pays. A money crime that slowly the corrupt more and more of the governments.

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