How to systemize corruption in practice?

I used to live in proximity with Syrians emigrant that were bright persons. A decade ago they were telling us on the process of slowly growing corruption that was happening in Syria.

Syria in their eyes was slowly rotting due to it and for them it was problematic that no one could stop the rot grow before it couldn't be reversed. So as opponents to the regim they told to the unbelieving French we were the story of their country that used to be a place of well living that could happen to anyone.

It begins did they say by underpaying the public servants so that they have to either do a second job during their days or accept bribes. Hence, there cannot be any whistle blowers. Because else they would be jailed ... for corruption. Putting people in the tu quoque mii fili position...

Then with a dysfunctional public service, citizens rely on either bribing or calling on the political authority to solve problems. The citizens helped by the authority owe them in return a favor like voting for the right persons, and become themselves corrupted, hence part of the corruption system.  And now that they are relying on a corrupted system to solve their problem, they cannot be whistle blowers anymore.

And newspapers/governments where cheerleading the institution and telling any critics where an attack against the country and meritant workers/institutions.

Step by step a slow silent growth of corruption will rot the State did they say.

That's the moment you make fun of Syrians and say it will never happen in your country, won't it? We are the glorious râleur immortalized by Asterix.

Except today for me.

I am back as an expatriated since almost one year from Canada in France. Since once year I try to have a social security number for my wife.

Since one year I raise early in the morning to meet under paid over worked public servants in dired conditions.

Since one year I have been submitting 5 times her birth certificate, the official one and once the unified European.

Every time refused because ... Poland uses coloured stamps, and they do not archive or examine the original papers they receive (and never send back) they check according to a poorly made scan that systematically erase the stamps. And they demand that the stamp be visible after the scan.

So I went to other administrative entities that are helpless in face of what they call a Kafkaian situation. But where does this psycho rigidity every Polish complain in the public forums?

Well, administration in my local place is having orders from the politics. My own MP who is very silent has also made a report on «white weddings» to the assembly and have been very adamant the administrations should be held responsible for them, and should maniacally scrutinize the documents.

On the other hand, they have shitty tools to enforce the rules. Their network is often failing, their scanners are shit, and the overwork has induced the hiring of more managers to measure efforts instead of actual workforce for the task.

They are held in a condition where they cannot do their work correctly. I am also told some persons whose political opinions are leaning for xenophobic formations have seen these new measures has an encouragement to make more zealous work resulting in slowly congesting the administration. A classical snowball effect.

So now, I have to beg the favor indirectly of having a bypass to a situation from the same person who is the origin of my very own problem.

Needless to say, it pisses me like hell. And, it is not the only place where I have these kind of situations appearing. But I think a single well exposed point worth more than a hundred petty claims.

So, I am now living in a country turning into Syria. I will have to be indebted of a favor to a politician turning the country in a corrupted regim, and in order to have my situation being resolved I will not be able to open my mouth or else I my situation will become worse. It sucks to be a Syrian from 10 years ago.

Happily, French are bad at speaking english, so I use a foreign language hoping it will not be noticed.

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