How to achieve efficient privacy for cheap: learn French

I am a frog. I speak french. One of the most endured language in the information warfare of privacy.

French as a uniform Language has always been a joke. There are nth languages that are centrifugal from the old François : the language of the church/elites and all the streets language.

French like english has been absorbing a lot of words from different cultures:

  1. Oc : (the guy who says Oc instead of oui) gambas, mirer, ... close to spain and basques
  2. Middle Age Slang (street talk): the slang of the thieves versed into "high french" by Vidoq;
  3. spanish/portugese/frank/germans/english/creoles/tzigan/african ...

French being like a patchwork, with some meanings being lost in translation, you can have "faux amis", or just non sense.

"What is it?" In German "Was ist das?" gives in french "vasistas" which is a window.

An "evidence" in french is a trivial fact that needs no to be proven.

The french is polysemic by nature. It can carry more than one meaning at a time and it can look random.

For instance, I can say due to this overload of influence a sentence highlighting a stronger influence for a semitic field. And thus carry a context of alteration based on a common knowledge.

If I refer to the african and tzigane I may will probably point at the suburbs as a key for the context. Hence preloading an hidden context of common additional words.

If I use much more local dialect (Chti, Berruyé, breton, Oc) I will hide a context of "patronyms and topological hidden names". 

For instance la fournaise a St Denis (93) may not be the same as la Fournaise in St Denis de la Réunion.

French language is a pain in the ass.

French is a pain in the ass to learn, because modern french is monotonic.

However,  it used to have accent. Thus in oral communication hidden communications have always been mixed with an other channels: emotions, origins, modulation of intensity.

But actors have also been using it since a long time to overthrow the eavesdropping of the government. Like with "guignol". Street arts have been using in the "comedia dell'arte à la française" the inflexion of pantalonade to make fun of the power under his nose. Hence using "le ton de la guignolade" can inflex like an inbound signaling on the modulation of diction another meaning to the "apparent" message.  

Because if you think authoritative regims like absolute monarchy where cool with the people communicating freely you are wrong.

Books were censored through "lettre de patentes" the origin of patent. Exclusive rights on paper publications versus censorship.

Only books and media appointed by his majesty the king had the rights to publish.

However, Carrefour spotify and other amazon did not existed. Some "beggars" or "merchants" named colporteurs would carry 2 loads. One of totally authorized goods that was just right under the hood, and one hidden in the brain of the colporteur : news.  In fact, not exactly news : songs and folklore. Nothing "that could make you questioned if caught with it".

News of the real world, like how much the people did not care about the virtue the king wanted the people to have. So some lullabies like "au clair de la lune" are hiding very venal sense. A chandelle is nothing more than a big dick.

"Une souris verte" is about a jaqueries (revolt of poors) and what happened to the guy once caught. Totally cruel.

And then here is one of the beauty of a monotonic language :
centrepétrie. Il cours cours le furet, (the weasel run) can be transformed in phonetic anagram in "il fourre, il fourre le curé" (the priest is fucking).

Contrepetrie, puns on words, games with words seems to be as old as "la cour des miracles".

Street crowds needed secret codes. Some for buying best places on the market (pot of wine, greasing the hand, under the table) ... Some for avoiding being understood while negociating in a corporation (louchébem, langue de feu), priests and kids secret language (verlan) ...

These basic substitution games won't hold an algorithm for long, but given other use of sharing common potential secret through shared implicit semantic context, diction, inflexions, double meanings... french language has a huge capacity at fuzzying the machine.

Probably requiring human beings to decipher any simple talks.

And educating someone to get into my brain, is both costly and dangerous.

It would make one spy that would be convinced I wish all the best to the world, and that his time is spent uselessly spending that much money on something like that.

To speak someone's french, you have to share is culture. It is a powerful language that can transfer different contexts, hence culture. And the only way to crack the hidden poly semantic fields of culture is to share it.

That is the reason why, since I think HUMINT is way more expensive than computer cpu power, and knowing that resorting to my raw power of knowing a confusing language that makes NLP go crazy is fun ; I think that speaking french is the ultimate privacy countermeasure.

If someone want to invade your privacy he will have to be able to understand you. Which is nice. It is exactly my purpose in life. To share my culture.

It could solve a lot of misunderstanding in the first place if we agreed on trying to make an effort to get the context right while discussing. French force you to do it, else you are screwed.

French language has a lot of flows. Too much ambiguities. Thus, people have a natural ease to have natural good privacy counter measure through out of bound and in bound signaling as well as some puns. Not to remember how the various dictions/inflexions are parasiting the phonem recognition.

Sometimes, weaknesses are strengths. Use a language that force people in sharing your culture to understand you. It will make the "forces of eval" have more allies understanding you in their rank.

Words are not as much corrupting as culture. Use your culture to taint your message in the clear. Provoke people to read your message so that they want to decipher it.

And then load your culture as a silent bomb hidden to your messages. A key that requires eavesdroppers to be potentially contaminated by the culture they may want to fight.

The only way to defeat privacy measure, is to make haikido. Make privacy counter measure a great tool to promote education and educate the cryptographists to the nice discovery they were not the first to think of privacy.

Some weapons are paradoxs not mathematical proofs. 

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