Canon printer still sux after 20 years of the same problems

So I had to print papers for my immigration.

So I had to print so much of them ~200 pages that I bought a canon printer a low entry pixma shit knowing that their ink sux : they dry fast, they cost a lot, and their cartridge refuses to print even if they still have ink. They are unfit for anything more than my needs : printing/copying with "good enough" results if you do not care about the quality. And that you don't intend to print a lot.

I forgot about the windows only stuff. And I was in a hurry.  So not only it costs a lot per page but I had to pay a windows licence. 100$. I had OEM windows: I always have been dual booting cause linux sux for games. But my "window were too old for the drivers". WUT?!

Then ink. 10-50c per pages. (why don't I have an option to tell fucking don't use color to make black blacker?).

Then after 2 changes of cartridges boom. A very old bug I know blasted in my face.

Paper don't get tracted inside anymore, because the gum from the gears get slick.

20 years old solutions: take your wife's nail file and scratch the surface of the gums. ADDENDUM I totally remember this exact same problem described in the french magazine "Le virus informatique" (edition ACBM) ~1996  and having taken the hint from there.

I worked perfectly for the first series of roll. The second I cannot access because of the cheap plastic and awkyard screws and what, for rescuing a 40$ I am not gonna lose 4 hours.

Now I have to throw a 40$ + 100$ + 60$ x 2 = 260$ for 260 pages printer.

1$ per page in direct and indirect costs is robbery. 

You know what Canon: FUCK YOU!

My printer is around 1 year old, just a tad more.

I had this problem 20 years ago and it is still not fixed.

Your engineers must be either incompetent or doing it on purpose, because what, your printer always break a tad after the legal "warranty".

Oh no! I forgot, one of my old canon laser printer that costs 300€ did not have this problem. Just because I had not the money to spend 300$ straight for thousands prints I have to pay 300$ for 300 pages.
 Because of a 20 years old problem ... that is still no rocket science and would be easy to fix if I had access to the mechanical base. 

Moral of the story: the poorer you get the more expensive everything is.

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