April fool

I love april fool: I have 30 minutes to say what I think without people knowing if I mean or not, if it is true or false.

IT sux most of the time

What we are doing is insanely complex and breakable and we are overpaid for it.

7 clicks to set an alarm, 20 minutes to begin reading a blue ray disc legally bought, having to pirate a window to install a window that was genuinly bought from micsosoft, my ubuntu distribution actually frying my computers....And thanks to google music taste almost like regressing from 2000 to 1990's...

And it is supposed to be called progress...

Okay young lads, april fools' it really used to be better in the ol' time.

And for taking part in this my income are twice the median in a world where rich are richer : I am belonging to the best of our society...

April fool, this is not true; the truth is a lie

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